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From Humble Beginnings 

This is Our Story

The year was 2017. A group of college students set out to help a few local businesses with their online marketing. Those business owners all struggled with answering the same question... How does online marketing actually help me grow my business?
What we thought would be a few small jobs, turned out to be the start of a business. 
From our first job to where we are today, our goal hasn’t changed - helping business owners increase their revenue through simple and clean digital marketing. Your marketing investment doesn't have to be a costly venture, but your ROI is determined by your willingness to invest. When you invest in our services, you're making the intentional decision to maximize your return.

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Our All Star Website Team

Your website is your greatest sales asset. Here's the team that helps make the magic happen.

I have a passion for customer services and I love being in contact with clients and meeting their expectations, it is the best feeling of the job. I like to challenge myself and learn new things.

I help the Pneuma Media team craft compelling copy for their clients so they can grow their business and stand out in their respective markets.

Business Owner and Operator. Nothing makes me more excited than delivering fantastic customer results and service.

I handle the content writing needs for Pneuma's clients including websites and blogs. I also help manage Pneuma's blog.

I’m an Economist by profession and I love reading markets but I found my passion in Project Management seven years ago when a Fortune500 company based in the Silicon Valley gave me my biggest break.

I have been developing and designing websites for the past 7+ years. I am the person responsible for the development and maintenance of the websites that Pneuma Media. I work with Pneuma to get the product and services into the web to get the end product.

I manage the Pneuma Media sales team to provide a consultative approach to sales. I help train our reps on the latest and greatest website strategies to keep others informed.

With 5+ years of experience creating content for various businesses and brands, Robert Jones supports Pneuma Media with all things video strategy, editing, and production wise

I'm a copywriter for 5 years, with skills in SEO and Inbound Marketing Strategies. I am obsessed with learning new skills and have been told that I am fun to work with because of my sense of humor! In my free time, you can find me playing around on the computer or just hanging out at home with my 2 playful cats.

I am a website developer working for Pneuma Media. With years of experience in designing, developing and maintaining user-interface for websites, I'm excited to work with you and build you something that helps you stand out in your market.

With a passion for writing and connecting with others, I help manage and curate blogs for Pneuma Media on all things websites, branding, SEO, and more.

I wear many hats at Pneuma. From managing our systems and operations to helping manage larger projects as well, my goal is to provide the best client experience around.

4x early stage sales leader and advisor to early stage companies.

I'm a simple person, so I'll keep this short. I do all things SEO

I created my first website at age 11 and just never stopped. Ready to help you with your project!

With over 7 years of design experience, I create distinctive designs and marketing assets to help clients communicate their brand in a highly elevated fashion.

Doing my best to give Pneuma Media a personality and helping our clients find a voice of their own.

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