Our Goal

Meet the team that's helping companies predictably convert their website visitors to customers.

We're a group of data-driven and revenue-focused strategist focused on making your website your company's competitive advantage.









From Humble Beginnings 

This is Our Story

The year was 2017. A group of college students set out to help a few local businesses with their online marketing. Those business owners all struggled with answering the same question... How does online marketing actually help me grow my business?
What we thought would be a few small jobs, turned out to be the start of a business. 
From our first job to where we are today, our goal hasn’t changed - helping business owners increase their revenue through simple and clean digital marketing. Your marketing investment doesn't have to be a costly venture, but your ROI is determined by your willingness to invest. When you invest in our services, you're making the intentional decision to maximize your return.

Maximize your ROI
Our Process

How We Maximize your Marketing Investment

Your website is your greatest sales asset. Here's how we make it work for you 24/7

 Build With You, Not for You.

We believe in building with you, not for you. You have input into our decision making process. We will always share our work in progress and incorporate your feedback early and often.

 We Offer Solutions

We work in phases to control the scope of your project. If you see something you dislike along the way, be sure to let us know. Explain why you dislike it, and offer an example of what you do like, so we can meet your needs. 

 Frequent Communication

We communicate frequently to keep you in the loop. You tell us your ideal communication style and time frame, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

Relationships Matter

We strive to be more than an agency. We help you manage and maintain your website after it's launch. We’re here to build long-lasting relationships with the clients we serve.

Our People

Your All Star Marketing Team

Work With Us

Our team is made up of digital marketing professionals, each with their own expertise. Together, we help you increase your revenue through maximizing your marketing investment ROI.

Join Us

James Despain

Sales Development Representative

I work with the sales team at Pneuma Media. I focus on the day-to-day operations of the sales team by setting goals and creating strategies for our team.

Ned Arick

Sales Director

4x early stage sales leader and advisor to early stage companies.

Nate Sroor

Sales Development Representative

I am a Project Manager with Pneuma Media. My primary focus is helping our clients achieve project success by being their trusted partner through the entire process.

Cameron Tarbell


I created my first website at age 11 and just never stopped. Ready to help you with your project!

Adrian Campos

Operations Lead

I'm an Operations Manager with Pneuma Media. I primarily help by systemizing the business and keeping things running smoothly so that team members can focus on the tasks that they do best.

Evan Roberts

Director of Copywriting

I handle the content writing needs for Pneuma's clients including websites and blogs. I also help manage Pneuma's blog.

David Riggs

Founder, Co-Owner

Business Owner and Operator. Nothing makes me more excited than delivering fantastic customer results and service.

Alexis Rogers

Social Media Manager

Alexis is a freelance social media manager and content marketer. She is also pursuing a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with an area of emphasis in social and digital media through West Virginia University.

Cullin McGrath

Operations Director

I am a Project Manager with Pneuma Media. My primary focus is helping our clients achieve project success by being their trusted partner through the entire process.

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