Payment Processing is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Look at the simple website we built for the company that wants to Simplify payments for merchants.


Entirely new to market, Symple needed a corner of the internet to confidently state their value proposition, and drive new customer interactions. The problem? They didn't have a pre-existing online presence, and we're in the middle of building their startup which means some pieces were still "up in the air".


Before doing anything, our team sat down with Symple and understood their business model, business plan, and key differentiators. Once both parties understood expectations, we dove in to a strategy phase and begun to put pen to paper. Once approved, we moved in to designing the website, writing the copy (to be SEO friendly, of course), and eventually developing and launching the site.


Today, the Symple site is one of our favorites (especially for our founder). In one symple page (ha, get it?), we were able to showcase Symple's value proposition, their solutions, and clearly state the next steps a visitor can take. From nothing to fully custom landing page, we're excited to watch Symple tackle the market with their new marketing and sales asset.

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