Why build with an agency instead of keeping it in-house?

Your team should be focused on making your product the best it can be. let experts focus on building your company a high converting site.

What role should a website play in my business?

It may differ depending on your business, but for any business it should act as a resource for your customer and is the first impression of your company for 90% of your customers.

What platform should my website be on?

It depends on the needs of your business. Despite what others have told you, most every platform out there today is the same, with a few small differences here and there. we'll learn about your goals first, then based on those differences, push you to the right platform.

What makes Pneuma different from other web agencies?

We’re results focused, process driven, and put function before design. We believe in repeating successful actions, not trying new things for the fun of it. We build our sites with a strategy that increases conversions, alongside functionality that supports your business growth.

How does Pneuma approach copywriting?

After onboarding forms, calls, and strategy work, we start the copywriting process. If there is anything that we don’t already know about you, we get on a call to do a last download of your business and point out key pieces of messaging. We focus on targeting the 1-2 things that make your customers jump out of bed to buy from you.

How long does it take to build a website?

Average websites 5-15 pages take roughly 10-12 weeks on average. Anything larger than 15 pages, or with more complex features, may need a custom timeline.

How much work is needed from me (the client)?

Most of the work required from our clients is front loaded in the process. This involves a few hours of your time upfront for onboarding forms, an initial meeting, and gathering content for our teams (blogs, testimonials, etc). After that, we are in motion. The only requirement is occasional feedback on our deliverables.

How does Pneuma approach backlinking?

Pneuma utilizes partnerships with high quality firms that enable us to provide our clients with unique content dedicated to bringing awareness to their brand. We also investigate our clients top competitors to determine ancillary opportunities. Review the toxicity level of existing backlinks to determine bad backlinks that need to be disavowed.

What makes Pneuma different from other SEO agencies?

We prioritize strong communication through weekly and monthly reporting on progress. Our clients often appreciate our level of constant adapting and improvement in their SEO approach. Alongside our incredible writers, we have a full team of web developers at our disposal to keep your site running at its full potential.

If I have a writer in-house, do I need blog articles from Pneuma?

No, if you have a writer in-house you do not need our team to write. However, our team can still review content for SEO and provide content suggestions on keywords and optimization prior to publishing. Yes, if you would like to increase the amount of content your site publishes on a monthly basis.

Which metrics should I look at to determine SEO success?

Increase in organic traffic (Month over month)

  • New vs returning users, sessions, average session duration, average pages per session

Goal Completion

  • Form fills, calls from site, new purchases, etc.

Conversion Rate

  • Is the organic traffic coming to your site converting?

Landing pages getting the most views

Bounce Rate

  • Are users leaving your site before clicking through anything? Our goal is to keep users engaged and spending as much time on your site as possible

How long does it take to see success for SEO?

Typically 3-6 months depending on the industry & how new your website is. We have seen clients get results after a month, others longer if we are establishing domain authority. If your site is new it will take time for pages/blogs to get indexed with google and for keywords to start ranking. It may also take time to establish brand awareness. Typically most traffic within months 1 & 2 will be direct traffic unless you use socials to drive organic traffic beyond the agencies efforts.

How much work is needed from me (the client)?

We love for our clients to review our work before we publish on their sites. This keeps everything transparent and allows us to make sure we are providing the end result you are looking for. We may need you to review blog drafts, page copy, etc, at least once a week. You may also need to provide us with brand guidelines, imagery, or other assets. Overall, our team does the majority of the heavy lifting!

Still have questions?

Reach out to us and we'll answer any questions you have.

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