The Anatomy of an About Page

Evan Roberts
Evan Roberts
March 16, 2022
The Anatomy of an About Page

The Anatomy of an About Page

What are the best about pages, and why are they important for your website? Is a good about page really going to be the difference in converting a new customer? Simply put, yes, an about page can be the difference between a customer choosing your brand over another. Times have changed, and so have the people we are trying to sell too. There are so many resources available that potential customers really do their research, and an about page is exactly where they will look when deciding where their money is going.

The Goal of an About Page

Your about page is much more than just generic facts about your brand. This page should be a sales-oriented page that really highlights your brand identity and tells the potential customer why they should buy from you. When potential customers find a story that they can get behind, or that they relate too, they are more inclined to purchase from that company. There is no better way to increase your conversion optimization rate than convincing a potential buyer that you are the best candidate to purchase from. The about page should be the first of your website pages that you send to anyone who has requested information about your company.

Keys to About Page Optimization

There are a few major key points to focus on when building your about page. The first is to play to your audience. Make sure the value propositions you are selling appeal to the audience that you are targeting. It is important for website optimization that once your audience arrives at your about page, they are easily  able to find all the answers that they are looking for.

The next major key is to build trust, people want to buy from companies they trust. Make sure that your about page is personal, make sure there's a message there that people can relate too, and most importantly make sure that people know that you are a real company. When a customer sees a website, all they see is a web address, adding personal stories and a mission statement bridge the gap between looking at a website and looking at an actual company with employees and goals.

The last major key point is to be specific. Nothing will scare a buyer away faster than big bold claims that seem too good to be true. The details you provide in your about page will serve as proof to customers, the more specific those details are, the more believable the claim is. The best details to provide are concrete numbers, your business model and social proof with testimonials, reviews, or awards.

Structure of an About Page

Now you know what to include and why you should include it, but how should you structure your copy to increase conversions on an about page? There are a few simple web usability tricks that will help any page convert.  The first and most important is to include your value prop at the top of your page. 80% of web page viewers never make it past the top of the page, therefore you should include what sets you apart or makes you different at the top of the page where a user does not have to scroll. Always lead with your best information. You can do this by highlighting your value props as a subheading, or by putting them in big bold lettering. Now that you have the attention of your customer, it is time to get personal. The bottom half of your page is where you should share personal stories, explain your values or even provide social proof with testimonials or reviews.

How to Go Above and Beyond with Your About Page

There are some secret tricks to optimizing your website about pages that can really boost your sales funnel. You should make sure that you add as many links as you can to help direct users to other parts of your social media. Make sure that you add links to follow your social media accounts, opt into your email list, check out your products or read your blog. Placing these strategically in your about page can direct people to learn more about your company without them having to do the work themselves. A well placed link can keep a user captivated without the risk of them getting distracted or disinterested.

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