Customer Experience = Sales and Marketing

Customer Experience = Sales and Marketing

Customer Experience = Sales and Marketing 

As a website development agency, one of the biggest mistakes we see companies make is trying to turn their website into a giant “Buy Now” button with “Book a Demo” plastered all over their website. The mistake here is to think that doing this will lead to tons of websource revenue.

Here’s the thing - agencies and companies with websites like this completely forget that your best marketing and sales person is actually your current customers. As a website development agency, we understand this sentiment. That’s why focus on helping you curate the best possible customer experience because that is a far more effective strategy. Your customer experience is synonymous with your sales and marketing. It’s our job as your website development agency to help you create a customer experience that makes happy customers because your happy customers will talk and bring more prospective customers to your door.

One of the best ways to create a positive customer experience that we see as a website development agency is to create a resource center on your website. Your resource center should be filled with helpful content that is beneficial to both your current customers and prospective ones. You don’t need to stop trying to convert your website visitors into customers. We would never advise that as your website development agency as that’s really the point of your website. But you shouldn’t forget to help your current customers who are already paying you. Helping them will increase your customer lifetime value and reduce churn. You gain customers through sales calls, but you keep them through your customer experience.

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