The Modern Buyer's Journey

Laura McGetrick
Laura McGetrick
November 28, 2021
The Modern Buyer's Journey

Today, most people make purchasing decisions very differently than they used to. In the past, people made purchases with a combination of in-person salespeople and written sales materials, but technological advancements have changed how people buy products and services today. Nowadays, customers rely heavily on digitally available information when making purchase decisions. That didn't use to be the case.

This is because information has become much more widely available to consumers, and they can take advantage of it in a way that helps them understand exactly what they want - and frequently get the purchasing process done faster than ever before, without relying so heavily on a salesperson to guide them through the process.

The modern buying journey for customers starts long before they walk into your physical store or visit your website, with the intent to learn more about your products.

The buying journey typically begins whenever a prospect reads a piece of your content online, engages with one of your social media posts, or hears about you in an online community.

Once they engage with you enough online, and they enter their buying window (contract is ending, budgets are renewed, etc.), your brand or business will be top of mind.

This is why we so heavily preach the importance of a website for businesses today. In most scenarios, you only get one, maybe two chances, to impress a prospect and be memorable.

If done right, your brand and business will stand out, and likely win the deal before the prospect even considers someone else

If done poorly, you'll end up competing with 10 different firms all at the same time, with a low likelihood of winning the deal.

Are You In A Market Of Your Own?

A good website positions your brand or business in a market of one. If done right, you can showcase your product or service in a way that is entirely different than your competitors, allowing you to raise rates and have prospects beating down your "digital door" to buy your services. Want to learn how to improve your website to make that a reality? Sign up for a free personalized assessment today, and learn more.

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