The Top 5 Best Home Pages

Laura McGetrick
Laura McGetrick
November 28, 2021
The Top 5 Best Home Pages

The Top 5 Best Home Pages

When it comes to designing an effective website, a solid homepage is a top priority. It’s the first thing a visitor sees when they enter your site. Just like you would want the entrance to your home to make a good impression, your home page should intrigue visitors and invite them in.

Your homepage should encourage visitors to peruse the rest of your website, and it should lead them through clear calls to actions. A good home page tells visitors in a simple way, what you do, how you do it, and how they can benefit from your services.

Your website is one of the best sales tools you have, so make sure it is serving you well by converting quality, organic traffic, into closed sales.

In this article, we’ll discuss five of our favorite home pages, what we love about them, and how you can use them as inspiration to create an impactful homepage for your own website. Let’s get started.

Table Group

Table Group is a media and consulting company focused on organizational health. They have published eleven books, which have sold over six million copies, in thirty different languages. They help both small and large companies optimize the health of their organization by helping them create a culture based on inclusivity, clarity, and productivity.

What We Love

Table group’s homepage does a great job of keeping things simple. It’s structured in a way that focuses on how a real user would use their website, and even features a few great testimonials farther down the page.

Their hero section (first section you see on their homepage) states their three goals when it comes to their business consulting - successful companies, cohesive teams, and engaged employees.

For Your Website

The best inspiration to pull from Table Group’s homepage is simplicity. You should aim to understand the way your website visitors use your website (installing heat map software on your website can help, or run trials to watch how others use your website) to better serve them.


Lessonly owns a large share of the e-learning community. They offer a powerfully simple learning management system that helps teams do better work.

What We Love

Lessonly’s homepage is truthfully one of the best we’ve come across. The simplicity in their design, coupled with the structural design of their website ensures that their website helps them grow and scale

For Your Website

The main takeaway is how Lessonly positions their customers as “heroes.” They focus specifically on highlighting the success that others have had using their software. Highlight as many forms of social proof from your own clients on your website. Prospective clients want to see that your product or service gets results. The best way to do this is through testimonials that highlight the success your previous clients have experienced by using your product or service.  


Asana is a CRM software provider that helps teams stay connected and on the same page, as well as provides a central location for the work being done.

What We Love

Asana’s homepage tells a story through the features they highlight, and in the order that they are highlighted. Real screenshots of their product are displayed on the page. This gives visitors a glimpse of what to expect. Asana does a great job at showcasing their product to drive traffic and conversions through these product screenshots, coupled with an obvious call to action for a free trial in the header.

For Your Website

For your own website, focus on how you can give people a glimpse of your product or service in use. Think about the key calls to action you want readers to follow, and paste them upfront on your homepage. The goal of a website is to convert visitors to sales, so focus on making your calls to action clear, but also ensure they are a natural part of your sales process.


As the name might suggest, Todoist is a to-do list app that helps users organize all of the tasks they need to complete. It allows users to make several different lists for different events or organizations.

What We Love

The first thing you notice on the Todoist homepage is a clear call to action. It’s anchored right in the hero page accompanied by a simple, five word heading. Similar to Asana, Todoist’s website also does a great job of highlighting their app in a positive way through numerous testimonials. It also clearly shows the value of their app to the visitor, as well as the benefits using it can bring.

For Your Website

The key lesson learned from Todoist is website design. For your own website, focus on giving it some color, and some flair. Todoist has fun, custom graphics all over their website from the hero section to their testimonials. The other main lesson is the pasting of success stories on the home page, and throughout the site. These are essential to the website’s success, as well as the success of your business. Be liberal with the genuine, kind words of appreciation from your clients.


Fast is a startup that nails the essence of a simple business model. They provide a product that is simple, easy to use, and needed. One app that allows you to shop anywhere online, while eliminating the burdensome checkout process at various websites. Instead, with the tap of a single button, you can purchase your order. “One click, no passwords, the world’s fastest check out.”

What We Love

Fast is a fantastic example of a company who gets the importance of a good website. They focus heavily on showcasing their product and how it helps the end user, in a fun and exciting way. They’re essentially a B2B SaaS solution, but their website screams fun and exciting due to their mix of cool animations, fun design, and cool videos.

For You Website

For your website, use Fast as an inspiration that B2B products don’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be fun, if you do it the right way. Focus on bringing enthusiasm to your website through engaging copy, flowing design, and use video to your advantage.

Need Some Help?

Looking to add some magic to your homepage? A well designed website is your best sales tool. Whether you’re just in the market for some fresh and professional eyes to audit your site, or you’re ready for a total revamp - we can help! Contact us today and let us know how we can best serve you!

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