Which website platform is right for you and your business?

David Riggs
David Riggs
November 28, 2021
Which website platform is right for you and your business?

Which website platform is right for you and your business?

So you have a business and you have reached a point where you need to invest in a website, but you are not sure which platform is right for you. There are so many platforms nowadays that it is really hard to narrow it down to just one. I'm sure you see ads all day long trying to get you to pick them, but building a website site is a monetary and a time investment, and we are here to make sure you have the right information to make the right decision.

Which website platform is the best for your personal site?

The best platform for a personal website is going to be the website with the best Content management system(CMS). A good CMS makes it easy for you to design and edit your website without any actual web development skills.

The easiest and most user friendly website platforms are Wix, Godaddy, and Squarespace. They have the lowest prices, easy to use CMS platforms and almost anyone can make a solid functioning website with them.

The only flaws of these websites are lack of additional customization. There is an endpoint to what you can do on your own, but they have more than enough capability to create a very good personal website.

Which website platform is the best for your software company?

This one is easy to answer. If you are a software company then Wordpress is the absolute best option for you. This website platform powers almost 40% of websites on the internet. They are extremely reliable and have an endless amount of features and plugins.

Being a software company, you definitely have someone on your team who can write custom code. Wordpress allows for you to write your own website and still have it set on their CMS platform. This is great because you can have different departments working on the platform without the risk of breaking something.

Wordpress has a full support team that will keep your website safe and secure. Their 24/7 teams will make sure that you have the stability that a software company should have and they can do it without charging you a fortune.

Which website platform is best to build my product based business with?

Whether you are selling a physical product, a service or an ebook, there is no better website platform than Shopify. Some of the biggest companies out there are using this platform, from Turtle Beach to Kylie Cosmetics. There's a reason, Shopify makes it simple to tackle all of the tough tasks a retail business requires.

Shopify is an extremely easy platform to use, with their ability to process payments and shipping for you, you can be up and accepting orders within a few hours of opening your Shopify store. They do almost everything for you, just upload your products and run your marketing and the rest is all handled by Shopify at a reasonable price.

In today’s world data is king and Shopify gives you all of the data that you need to be successful. You will receive every piece of information from key selling times, to customer demographics. This also makes it incredibly easy come tax time. This website platform is definitely the way to go if you are selling anything online.

Which platform is the wild card?

Everyone loves a wild card, and Webflow is a platform you should definitely take a look at if you are looking to try something new and innovative. Webflow is a great Hybrid between the simplicity of Squarespace or WIx, but with the technical capabilities and advanced customization of Wordpress.

Webflow’s site designer is excellent for someone with a great eye for design but it requires no actual coding experience. It functions more like a photoshop window with a built in coding tool, you drag and drop or draw something on your page then the code is generated in the background.

Webflow also has one of the most flexible CMS systems available. It gives you full control of your content structure, with far less limitations than other providers. Whether you are writing a blog, showcasing your software company or building an ecommerce store, Webflow’s responsive design platform and flexible CMS make for a really strong option when choosing your website platform.

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