Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Evan Roberts
Evan Roberts
March 16, 2022
Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Blogs. You’ve seen them. You’ve read them. But do you have one? If not, you need one. A blog is one of the most vital - and cheapest - marketing tools you have at your fingertips. In fact, if you write your own blog - it’s free.

Point blank - if you have a business, then you need a blog. We are big on answering the question “why.” Specifically, we like to answer what is the (tangible) why. So let’s answer the question of why your business needs a blog.

Business Development

A blog can help grow your business. In fact, that’s largely what any blog is about. The right content, written enough and in the right ways can increase your website traffic. Search engines like Google and Bing scour the internet for websites they believe are relevant based on what their users are asking. By creating content that is relevant to common search engine queries your website will be returned in the user’s search results. The more relevant your website and content is, the higher your business ranks.

This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it is infinitely valuable when it comes to business growth and development.

A well designed SEO strategy can save you tens of thousands of dollars in Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) each month. Not only will you save money - you will also increase your revenue.

Revenue Oriented Blog Posts

The main goal of your blog is to drive website traffic. The trick is to then get them off your blog and onto the revenue driving parts of your website. This can take the shape of signing up for a newsletter, setting up a consultation, or just flat out buying your product. The goal of a blog post should be to give the user the answers they are looking for in less than two minutes. Then you need to lead to them deeper into your site.

Here’s how you write revenue oriented blog posts.

Answer the Questions

The point of a blog post is to answer key questions. There is usually one main question to answer, and then a few secondary questions.

For example - the goal of this blog post is to answer the question “why does your business need a blog?” The secondary questions are “what does a blog do for your business?” and “how do you write blog posts?”

Write Short, Sweet, and Specific Content

You should tell the reader up front what questions the blog post will answer. Then you should deliver the answer. You want to write short, sweet, and specific blog content that gives the reader what they need in less than two minutes.

Link Revenue Driving Webpages  

Provide at least two links to your revenue driving webpages. You want to point them in the right direction once you answer their questions. The pages you link to should have a clear Call to Action (CTA) that invites them to proceed with the next steps. This can be a contact form, or a purchase page.

There you have it. Why you need a blog - to drive website traffic. What the (tangible) reason for a blog is- increased web traffic and revenue. And how to write revenue oriented blog content.

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