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From Humble Beginnings...

The year was 2017. A group of college students set out to help a few local businesses with their online marketing. Those business owners all struggled with answering the same question... How does online marketing actually help me grow my business?What we thought would be a few small jobs, turned out to be the start of a business.

...This is Our Story

From our first job to where we are today, our goal hasn’t changed - helping business owners increase their revenue through simple and clean digital marketing. Your marketing investment doesn't have to be a costly venture, but your ROI is determined by your willingness to invest. When you invest in our services, you're making the intentional decision to maximize your return.

Our values

The values that drive everything we do

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Share Before You're Ready

Perfection is impossible and the enemy of progress, so we choose not to go after it. You'll hear from us early and often.

Relationships Matter

Business is about relationships above all else. When we have a chance to help a client, or help another employee or contractor, we take the time to do that, even if it feels “inefficient”.

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Raise A Concern → Offer A Solution.

We're solution oriented. When there's a concern, you can always expect to hear our ideas. We ask the same from you!

Push The Envelope

We're a lean team who likes to push the envelope, experiment, and go faster. There’s no need to finish things “at the end of the week” when we can finish them now!

Be Great... On Purpose!

Go win the day, and be great… on purpose!

Celebrate Inputs

We shouldn’t celebrate when someone loses 10lbs. We should celebrate when someone works out daily for 6 months. At Pneuma, we focus on the INPUTS of life and business, not the OUTPUTS. What can you do today, tomorrow, and the following day to be 1% better?

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San  Francisco, USA

1650 Page St #104 San Francisco, California(CA), 94117
(415) 203-7468sanfrancisco@seo.com
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Toronto, CA

782 St Margarets Ave. Toronto, ON K6A 7X4,
(613) 555-0195toronto@seo.com
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London, UK

9617 High Street, London WC21 8HZ
(078) 562 - 3705london@seo.com
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