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We're looking for a Website Project Manager to join Pneuma’s rapidly growing team. As a Web Project Manager, you will become the point-person for a portion of our clients from project kickoff through going live. You will not only be responsible for understanding the client’s needs and relaying that internally to our team, but also keeping clients informed by communicating our updates regularly.

Full Time

About the job posting

In any given day you will be fielding questions from clients, facilitating internal deliverables for our talented developers and copywriters, as well as working alongside our Head of Web to ensure that every design, strategy or feature we implement for our clients is perfect for their business.

A successful website build involves a lot of moving pieces! You will ultimately be responsible to ensure all deliverables are not only timely, but quality as well.

What you'll be doing

- **Internal Communication and Organization** – You will be working closely with the developer/designer and copywriter that are on the project.  You’ll be communicating their tasks, deliverables and deadlines to help the project move along.

- **Reporting to Clients (daily, weekly, monthly)** – You’ll be the face our clients come to know and love. When the developer/designer finishes new pages or the copywriter inserts new content, you will report on regular intervals and keep the client constantly informed.

- **Understanding the Client’s Needs** – As the face of our clients, you will know them and their goals best.  Along with our Head of Web, your input is valuable when reviewing website strategies and designs to ensure they align with the client’s business and goals.

What we’re looking for:

- **Website Experience:** You have an understanding of Websites. Meaning, maybe you’ve created websites yourself, you’ve managed website projects before, or you have a general understanding of what components make up a website.  You can easily communicate the different steps of a website creation process. You should have experience interfacing with Wordpress and/or Webflow in a development or project management capacity.

- **Attention to Detail:** You value efficiency and prioritize timeliness without compromising quality.  You sweat the details and focus on the client’s best interest. **We expect you to always have a bias towards action** as idle time impacts the client experience greatly.

- **Client Advocate**: Your front-lines perspective will be imperative to improving the experience for our customers. You will work to continuously improve the quality of our deliverables, acting as a liaison between the customer’s vision and our execution.

Why join Pneuma?

- The opportunity to have outsized impact. We’re smaller, scrappier, and hungrier than many other companies. You’re not a cog in the wheel, **you’re a critical piece to our puzzle.**

- You’ll have exposure to a myriad of different businesses and industries, as well as the opportunity for a ton of exposure through our built-in and quickly growing network.

- We are an absurdly fast-growing company made up of [extremely entrepreneurial individuals]( While we hope to learn much from you, there is opportunity to learn how we got here too.

- Lastly, work from anywhere – we are a distributed group from Colorado to Peru to Amsterdam!

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