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The Problem

Beam faced the challenge of not having a website for their business, which limited their ability to establish an online presence and effectively showcase their offerings.

The Solution

To address this issue, we devised a tailored solution based on the client's inspiration and business needs. We created a fresh, fun, and modern design that effectively portrayed how Beam helps their customers. Implementing the best homepage layout strategy, we ensured that important information was strategically placed for maximum impact. Furthermore, we crafted new copy for the website and services, capturing the essence of the client's value proposition. After the website launch, we seamlessly transitioned to a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to enhance the website's visibility and reach.

The Result

The results of our solution were remarkable. Following the website launch, Beam experienced significant growth in various metrics. There was a remarkable 133% increase in users, indicating a growing audience engaging with the website. The number of new users also witnessed a substantial rise, with an impressive 113% increase, demonstrating the website's ability to attract and captivate new visitors. Additionally, the event count saw a significant boost, increasing by 147%, highlighting increased engagement and interaction with the website's content. Moreover, the average engagement time surged by 110%, indicating that visitors were spending more time on the website, demonstrating the effectiveness of the design and content.

Make Every Visit Count

We harness the power of our SCORE Methodology to turn your website into a top-performing salesperson. It's more than a strategy; it’s a comprehensive approach to make every visit count

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