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The Problem

As a SaaS specializing in building the best E-Commerce Operating System, TripleWhale was dedicated to helping E-Commerce Companies streamline their marketing and ad attribution efforts. However, despite their valuable offerings, the company was facing a number of challenges when it came to their online presence. Without a cohesive website strategy in place, TripleWhale was struggling with conversions, rankings, and site health - all crucial factors in attracting organic traffic and driving new business through Google.

The Solution

Determined to overcome these obstacles and establish themselves as a leader in their industry, TripleWhale turned to our SEO agency for help. We got to work right away, starting by writing 15,000 words of new content and optimizing existing content over the course of 90 days. We also conducted a thorough review of the entire site, overhauling its technical SEO and focusing on improving conversions on key landing pages.

The Result

The results of our efforts were astounding. TripleWhale saw a 326% increase in new traffic to the site, along with a 22% increase in time on site - a clear indication that visitors were engaging more with the content. The company was thrilled with the success of the project and the improvements we were able to make to their online presence. Thanks to our work, TripleWhale was able to attract more business and cement its position in the market.

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