September 1, 2021

CCA Chargers

From outdated to best-in-class, CCA entrusted us to help them turn around their digital image.

CCA Chargers


CCA Chargers

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Website Design and Development

Before Pneuma

After Pneuma

The Problem

The main issue plaguing the CCA Chargers website was the usability. Students couldn't access core information, parents couldn't find important dates, and faculty were struggling to utilize it to its full benefit.

The Solution

To solve CCA's problems with the website, we decided to rebuild it from the ground up, keeping in mind the feedback from parents, students, and faculty. On top of a fresh development, we updated the design to position CCA as a top institution in the city of Indianapolis.

The Result

To stand out in a competitive private school market you need a website that clearly and professionally states your value proposition to interested students and their families.

Make Every Visit Count

We harness the power of our SCORE Methodology to turn your website into a top-performing salesperson. It's more than a strategy; it’s a comprehensive approach to make every visit count

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