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The Problem

Executive Leadership Consulting (ELC) is the industry leader in providing executive leadership services. Despite their expertise and impressive portfolio of clients, ELC had a difficult time reaching out to new customers and building their business over the internet. They were aware that increasing the traffic to their blog and expanding their online presence was essential to the success of their company, but wanted our help to take things to the next level.

The Solution

To aid ELC in enhancing their internet visibility and attracting a greater number of readers to their blog, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy. This involves doing keyword research, optimizing the content on their present blog for relevant keywords, creating and publishing valuable, relevant material on their blog and other channels, as well as producing and publishing valuable, relevant content on their blog and other channels.

The Result

The outcomes of our efforts turned out to be really satisfying. Within that time frame, ELC saw a 52% rise in the number of clicks on its blog posts. This was in part due to their improved internet visibility and reliability, as well as the helpful, relevant material that we supported them in optimizing and releasing. This was also due in part to the fact that we assisted them in publishing the information.

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