April 22, 2023

Gut Bar

Revitalizing GutBar's Online Presence: A Seamless Shopping Journey

Gut Bar


Gut Bar

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The Problem

The online shopping experience for Gut Bar was riddled with obstacles. Users found it challenging to navigate the platform due to a lack of flow in the UX. Moreover, the ordering process was confusing, leaving customers unsure about which products they could add to reach the minimum order total. Above all, the site’s outdated design didn't capture the essence of Gut Bar, making it feel more generic than a true brand.

The Solution

Recognizing these challenges, we embarked on a transformative journey to overhaul the user experience. A new and improved shopping flow was introduced to make the process easier and more intuitive for customers. We eliminated any ambiguity around order totals by enabling customers to add any product to their cart, and sweetened the deal with free shipping for orders over $50. Furthermore, the visual identity of the site was given a fresh, modern, and youthful makeover to align it closely with the vibrant Gut Bar brand.

The Result

The transformation was nothing short of spectacular. The site saw a whopping 350% increase in both returning and new users. Engagement metrics soared with a 401.3% increase in event count, showcasing the enhanced interactivity of the site. And as a testament to its improved user-friendliness and appeal, the average engagement time witnessed a 1.3% uptick, reinforcing the site's newly minted connection with its audience. Through a comprehensive approach targeting both functional and aesthetic aspects, we succeeded in reshaping Gut Bar's digital footprint. Beyond just metrics, the brand now enjoys a digital platform that's a true reflection of its identity.

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