August 2, 2021


From outdated and pieced together, to polished and professional. See how our work helped InsuredMine grow their business.




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Before Pneuma

After Pneuma

The Problem

After first talking to InsuredMine, it was clear that they were ready to take a step forward with their business, and begin growing their online revenue acquisition methods.

The Solution

To ensure success, our team focused on building a new website from scratch that simplified their development environment. along with the user experience. We helped InsuredMine update a pre-existing design to fit their online goals as well.

The Result

Today, the site is more than just an asset for the InsuredMine team. From improving customer experience with their knowledge base, to a 43% increase in conversions from organic traffic, the InsuredMine team is on the fast track to continually overtake and outrank competitors on Google.

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