April 8, 2023

TAG Exteriors

Strategically Reinventing TAG Exteriors' Online Presence: Blending Design with Strategy

TAG Exteriors


TAG Exteriors

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The Problem

TAG Exteriors had the groundwork laid with a wealth of pertinent information, but it was missing the strategic edge. The outdated design posed trust issues for visitors, and the absence of key services hinted at potential lost opportunities. The website needed not just a facelift but a strategic realignment to truly resonate with its audience.

The Solution

Our approach went beyond a mere redesign. The homepage and navigation underwent a strategic restructuring, accounting for visual reading patterns of users, ensuring crucial information was visible before scrolling, and optimizing the placement of call-to-action elements. We breathed life into the design, giving it a warm, friendly yet professional appeal, instilling confidence and trust in every visitor. To amplify the user experience and boost SEO, new pages were designed and developed, providing dedicated spaces for each of TAG's services.

The Result

The results spoke volumes about the efficacy of the transformation. A remarkable 150% growth in users was observed, with new users soaring by 148.1%. The website's interactivity metrics witnessed a significant boost, with a 167.7% rise in event count. Furthermore, the site's revamp wasn't just superficial; users were now spending 40.5% more time on the platform, a testament to its enriched content and user experience.With a meticulous blend of design ethos and digital strategy, TAG Exteriors' online platform was reborn. Beyond the impressive metrics, the brand now boasts a website that not only looks the part but plays it brilliantly.

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