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The Problem

Temp Staffing is a prominent supplier of temporary staff for businesses in the manufacturing, hospitality, warehousing, and landscaping industry. They help skilled individuals secure temporary and permanent (direct-hire) employment with excellent employers. They have a great reputation with the employers and job seekers they work with.

The Solution

Temp Staffing struggled to contact new customers and build their company online, despite their great reputation and wide network of clients and applicants. They were well aware that boosting their SEO and online presence was critical to their business, but they had no idea where to begin. Temp Staffing contacted Pneuma Media to help them improve their online presence and generate more leads. We created a comprehensive SEO strategy to boost their website traffic. Our SEO strategy included keyword research, optimizing their website for their chosen keywords, and generating and publishing valuable content on their website and other digital channels.

The Result

Our efforts yielded excellent results. Within nine months, Temp Staffing had a 56% increase in website traffic and a 300% increase in leads. This was due in part to their increased online exposure and trustworthiness, as well as the useful, relevant material we assisted them in creating and publishing.

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