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The Problem

Thunder is a Salesforce consulting business. As a brand new startup, they were ready to attract new customers and grow their business. They knew that their previous Wix website was not reaching its full potential, but they didn't know where to start.

The Solution

That's when they reached out to us for help. We conducted a thorough audit of their website and found that it was outdated and not optimized for search engines. The website had poor site structure, low-quality content, and lacked the key elements that search engines look for when ranking websites. We proposed a comprehensive SEO and website redesign strategy to improve their online presence and performance. Our plan included rebuilding their website, creating high-quality content, and managing their SEO campaign.

The Result

After implementing our recommendations, the results were impressive. In just six months, Thunder saw a 600% increase in website traffic and their inbound leads increased significantly. The increased traffic and leads translated into more customers and revenue for Thunder. Not only did the SEO and redesign strategy improve their online presence, but it also helped Thunder establish their brand as a trusted and reputable Salesforce Consulting firm. Overall, the SEO work provided by Pneuma helped them reach a larger audience, improve their online presence, and grow their business in the Salesforce Consulting industry.

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