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The Problem

Transcend is a design platform for the water and wastewater treatment and power sectors. They were seeking a way to increase traffic to their website and generate more inbound leads, so they turned to us for help.

The Solution

After conducting a thorough analysis of their current website, we identified several opportunities for improvement in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). Firstly, the website was not effectively utilizing keywords related to Transcend's capabilities and services, which was hindering its search engine rankings. Secondly, the website was lacking in high-quality, informative content that would attract and engage visitors.To address these issues, we recommended a content-focused SEO campaign. We started by conducting keyword research to identify the most important and relevant keywords for Transcend's business. We then worked with Transcend to create a content strategy that would incorporate these keywords into informative and engaging articles and blog posts.

The Result

The results of the SEO campaign were impressive. After five months of implementing our recommendations, traffic to the website increased by 2x, and inbound leads increased by 4x. Transcend was thrilled with the results and saw a significant boost in their online presence and lead generation efforts.

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