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The Problem

Uncovered is a website that hosts the world's largest database of unsolved cold cases. The site was created to provide a platform for investigators, law enforcement agencies, and the public to share information and help solve cold cases. However, the company was struggling to attract visitors and generate leads, which limited its ability to make a significant impact in solving these cases. In particular, Uncovered had lost a significant amount of traffic to competitor sites and needed to recapture this traffic. The company knew they needed to improve their online presence to reach a wider audience and boost engagement with their platform.

The Solution

Uncovered turned to our SEO agency for help with their traffic generation and backlinking efforts. Our team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the website's current status, including its content, metadata, backlinks, and technical SEO. We discovered that the website lacked relevant and high-quality backlinks, which were essential for improving its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). To address these issues, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy aimed at improving the website's online presence and visibility through backlinking. We began by conducting in-depth research to identify potential backlinking opportunities in the unsolved cold cases industry. We then created a link-building plan aimed at building high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites in the industry.

The Result

Thanks to our efforts, Uncovered saw a massive improvement in their online presence and traffic. In just six months, we recaptured close to 40,000 visitors per month, significantly improving the website's traffic generation and engagement with its platform. Additionally, our SEO efforts generated close to 2,000 first-page keyword rankings, further increasing the visibility and reach of the website. Our backlinking strategy helped Uncovered achieve their goal of recapturing lost traffic and attracting new visitors to their platform. By building high-quality backlinks, the company was able to improve their ranking in SERPs, which increased their online visibility and reach. Thanks to our partnership, Uncovered was able to recapture close to 40,000 visitors per month and achieve close to 2,000 first-page keyword rankings, resulting in significant growth in the company's impact on solving cold cases.

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