February 2, 2023


Turning the Page: XPress360's Printing and Packaging Website Transformation




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The Problem

XPress360's website was awash with redundant information. The content's outdated nature, coupled with an antiquated design, obfuscated the brand's primary services. This not only detracted from the firm's online reputation but also manifested in a site that users found challenging to navigate. Such difficulties often lead to quick bounces and diminished conversion opportunities.

The Solution

The path to transformation was clear: to align the website's aesthetics and functionality with XPress360's expertise in printing and packaging. A comprehensive revamp saw the introduction of updated imagery coupled with a complete content overhaul, reflecting the brand's current business focus. The renewed look radiated professionalism, establishing trust at first glance. Moreover, an intuitive mega menu was introduced, streamlining user navigation by clearly showcasing all services.

The Result

The transformation's impact was tangible. User engagement soared, registering an 802.8% increase, mirrored closely by an 829.4% surge in new users. This revitalized engagement was also evident in a 727.5% uptick in event count. The cherry on top? Users were not only more in number, but they also stayed longer, with the average engagement time rising by 7%. With a meticulous redesign and content strategy, XPress360's website transitioned from a cluttered maze to a user-friendly hub. Beyond the substantial metrics, the brand now enjoys a digital platform congruent with its commitment to quality and precision in printing and packaging.

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