What would a 330% increase in organic leads mean for your business? Here how it helped Talentfoot take their business to the next level.

330% Increase In Inbound Leads

The Problem

  • Search Engine Optimization is not an easy game to play. The rules change almost every week, if not every day, and implementing the right SEO strategy on to your website. Talentfoot was in this exact situation when we began our work together, as they were trying to strategically implement the right SEO strategy on their website.

The Solution

  • Our proposed solution was simple and straightforward - we start from scratch and rethink our SEO strategy. On top of re-strategizing around what keywords to rank for and what pages to target, we also took a holistic pass as their content marketing strategy and improved efforts relating to SEO

The Result

  • Today, the Talentfoot website and SEO work has been a large contributing factor to Talentfoot's growth. From a 330% increase in organic leads, to doubling organic traffic, we've helped Talentfoot take their whole business to the next level.

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