All you need to know for your SEO needs.

SEO Compliance Vs SEO Campaigns

Running an SEO campaign is like training for an iron man. You need a coach and your coach is your SEO company. You can’t just check maintenance boxes and expect to rank on the first page of search results. Working with the right SEO company will help you design and execute an effective SEO campaign that will give you a good foundation to build from. 

SEO Is a Long-Term Play

At scale, the SEO traffic your SEO Company can generate from an effective SEO campaign becomes very profitable for your brand and business.

Seo Is a Visibility Tool

When someone searches for your business name on Google, your website should show up first. That’s the basic core purpose of SEO, and it’s what your brand needs to be doing as a minimum when it comes to your website’s SEO.

Where to Write for Google and Where to Write for People

At the end of the day - your copy should either be SEO focused and written for Google, or your copy should be written for your consumer.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s in play anytime someone opens up their phone and searches for something on a search engine like Google.

Your Website Is Your Best Salesperson

Has your website ever asked you for a raise? I imagine the answer to this question is no, unless you live in some sort of dystopian for which the rest of us are unaware. I can assume by you being here, that you are trying to increase your sales. Don't make the mistake that most companies do. The answer to your problem is not to expand your sales team, but to diversify the way that you are selling. The best way to do that is by optimizing your website.

The Anatomy of an About Page

What are the best about pages, and why are they important for your website? Is a good about page really going to be the difference in converting a new customer? Simply put, yes, an about page can be the difference between a customer choosing your brand over another. Times have changed, and so have the people we are trying to sell too. There are so many resources available that potential customers really do their research, and an about page is exactly where they will look when deciding where their money is going.

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