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What would an additional 170 leads mean to your business?

Temp Staffing Inc
Over 170 Leads in 30 Days

The Problem

  • In the staffing and recruiting industry, visibility and first impressions are everything. When we began work with Temp Staffing, the main problem we were tasked to solve was increasing their visibility via Google, and showcasing the level of professionalism they bring to each job.

The Solution

  • First, we redesigned and developed Temp Staffing's website. A successful campaign comes from a strong base, and we used our knowledge in SEO to create a fast, scalable, content led site to drive home our SEO efforts. Once the site was launched, we moved into the SEO component of our work, where we created individual landing pages to target hyper-specific jobs.

The Result

  • 3 months into the campaign, both traffic and leads had doubled. After nearly a year of working together, traffic had increased to nearly 4,000 visitors/month, which brought over 170 leads.

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